Africa Dream

The Africa Dream matches the location of Africa with a cinematic dreamscape made from your surroundings. It transforms the world around you into a dramatic landscape of sound breaking it down into atmospheric granular chunks of reality.

Some locations in Inception are very memorable. The different dream levels all have a unique characteristic and feel – from the rainy city to the hotel interiors to the snow fortress. The locations the team visit in reality are equally as dramatic, like Osaka, Paris and Mombasa in Africa.

Its really great when music fits to a location. One of the most enigmatic dreams in Inception the App is made to be listened to only in Africa. Its a highly cinematic dreamscape that takes the sounds of Africa around you and intertwines them into complex subtle patterns made of granular chunks of reality. It uses a special unreleased mix of the We Built Our Own World theme from the Inception soundtrack and combines it with your world.

  • Crap

    what a crap dream, what is the point of it if you cant unlock it.

  • Jeffrey

    Now if only people could listen to it.

  • Charles Ferran

    Why can’t you unlock it? just go to Africa, duh :P

  • Provkethirst

    Please make an easier way to unlock this dream

  • Anthony Vangeli


    I along with a large majority of people in this world are probably never going to Africa in their lifetimes…..

  • Glowplug

    Might it be cool if people actually were so intrigued that they went to the continent of Africa? You can bet anyone who actually buys a ticket to fly to Africa wants more than just an unlocked dream from the Inception app. Is it so bad that you can’t unlock the Africa Dream? How about the dream of running water, sanitation, and not having to debate whether you feed yourself or your children? Or, how about waking up from the opposing dreamy myth that everyone in Africa is dirt poor and helpless? It’s a complex world and I’m happy the app got me thinking about it traveling to a continent on Earth I’ve not yet been to.
    -ABC in Seattle

  • Ian Judd

    The fact that I will never go to Africa means that the app is racist towards working class citizens with an iPhone. Pfft.

  • RodeoX

    As ridiculous as this sounds, I am thinking about adding an Africa leg to a trip I will be taking this year just so I can unlock this dream. This is going to make my free app quite expensive. Also, this is an awesome game that opens a new class of games. Great work!

  • Joe

    Hey RodeoX,

    Let us know how you get on! Have fun!

  • Ulikefatcock

    I agree with u ABC in Seattlle it does make me wanna travel to africa but the chance of a large majority of the US dont have the cash to go take some trip to Africa let alone for some app. i mean there has to be a way to hack or cheat this dam application out so all of us dont have to go to africa and we can listen to it in our homes happilly

    P.S. ABC in Seattle we all know u like lil boys dude get out of here man like wtf….



  • haha glowplug is a jew

    haha i totally agree ULIKEFATCOCK Glowplug has a big juicy cocksickle in the fridge that he likes to stick up his poop shoot

  • Horseflesh

    I’m in Africa right now – Tangiers – and it doesn’t work here either (yes I have restarted and am on local networks and have location services enabled)
    Brilliant app other than this

  • Xavi

    ahahhahahaha you stupid assholes, i just can´t believe it never crossed your mind to change your TIME ZONE, AND ACCESIBILITY to african settings… can´t believe how stupid can people be nowadays, even talking about racism…. hahah shit.

  • Inceptor-42

    This does not work on my iPhone. How do you get the app to ignore your location service telling it that you are located in Germany or elsewhere?

  • Fd1345

    Hehe… Live in South Africa: The Africa dream was one of the first dreams that unlocked. It’s OK, I guess, not my favourite though.

  • Josh

    How can you do that?

  • Krystal Tenner

    The whole point of this dream is to have a jail broken iphone/ipod for us Americans. It’s about doing whatever is necessary to get what you want in the end.

  • Jeroomu

    The deal of this dream is to get you thinking. One way or another, you will either JB your iphone, or visit Africa, wich is good for your soul. Of you already have a jb’ed iphone, and unlocked the dream, you wont mention it here.

  • BritishVJ

    That’s a very irrational statement, the whole of Afric is not dirt poor and helpless whatsoever, on the contrary… you are forgetting about countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Madagscar and many other African nations. It is extremely ignorant of you to believe that but I can sympathise with the fact that you are American and generally many Ameircans (but not all as you claimed with Africans) are ignorant about the rest of the world because you are protected in your own superbubble. Despicable.

  • Italiandylan

    The africa dream isnt so great. The reward sounds better. I visited south africa with my parents and i got africa but i was disapointed…

  • Ihkgh

    It an economic stimulous dream. Buy a plane ticket to Africa and it will help the economy. lol

  • Sean Martin

    While I applaud your defense of Africa’s economy, Glowplug wasn’t actually saying that. He said it was a “dreamy myth” that Africa is dirt poor and helpless. You two are actually on the same side.

  • Little lana

    I unlocked with dream in Africa and when I updated my iPhone it reset the app. How can I fix this?

  • Abeko

    Africa?!? And who’s going to pay for the plane ticket, hotel, and food??? What idiot came up with the “Africa” dream? Morons!

  • Trustme

    I am from Nigeria. You send me your iPhone and 50 US dollars I unlock Africa dream for you.

  • Dee


  • QXBear

    I unlocked the Africa dream by dreaming I was in Africa while listening to African tribal drums on my home stereo.

  • Mjvc

    Here’s a thought, go without having the dream unlocked. It’s a test of deprivation.

  • PSN: WhoEatsZombies

    I need a little more encouragement than your word…

  • Haunted10907

    Dare to dream big. This isn’t an average computer game. This app has real life challenges. Can’t think of a better challenge than actually having to go to Africa.

  • Wowow

    Chris Nolan should send his fans to Africa so we can unlock it… :)
    He’s actually done enough, I’m just being spoilt now…
    C Nolan is a cool smart guy!
    And Tom Hardy & Joseph Gordon Levitt are unbelievably good looking!

  • Dave Gibson

    so the whole theme of inception is to plant an idea into someones thoughts and make it their own. well Nolan, Zimmer, and RJDJ have managed to do exactly that. we all want the africa dream. some of us jailbreak our phones, write emails and blogs and post comments about how its unfair. im sure some have actually gone to africa. congrats guys, youve made our mind the scene of the crime…… @daveisacult

  • Dave Gibson

    so the whole theme of inception is to plant an idea into someones thoughts and make it their own. well Nolan, Zimmer, and RJDJ have managed to do exactly that. we all want the africa dream. some of us jailbreak our phones, write emails and blogs and post comments about how its unfair. im sure some have actually gone to africa. congrats guys, youve made our mind the scene of the crime…… @daveisacult @inceptiontheapp

  • Adam

    omg I went to africa then worked out that you had to have internet connection £1000 wasted

  • Joe

    Pahahahaha by any chance did one of your top banking clients just die in a plane crash too?

  • TallGrrl

    Wow! So…are we talking about *specific* place in Africa? Because as we all know (well, except Sarah Palin) Africa is a CONTINENT containing different countries and cultures.
    That having been said, is this a location specific dream…or could I unlock this dream if I’m sitting in a Moroccan restaurant in L.A.?

  • TallGrrl

    And judging by some of the comments here, a LOT of you people are so limited in your thinking that I’m wondering how you even ‘got’ or enjoyed the Inception movie at all.
    Did anyone else wonder: 1)*Literally* Africa?; 2)*WHERE* in “Africa” are they talking about?
    And the person that said something about ‘jungle’ drums?
    You obviously know nothing about , or have ever heard any music by any of the many African artists. But you nonetheless felt comfortable letting us all know the depth of your ignorance.

  • mizzplayboy101

    yea like im ever going to frikkien africa …i have no $ for a trip there…..i have 3 moreee dreamz to unlock: africa dream,airport dream,share dream

  • trollface

    Thank god one of my friends is visiting Africa this summer. I’ll just let him borrow my iPod!

  • Dvr3dg

    Even though it is hard to go to Africa, here is the way to unlock the dream once you are there: If you have an iPhone, perfect. If an iPod touch, then here’s for both: You need 3G or wi-fi for the GPS to know you are in Africa. Induce and the GPS, supported by Google Maps will unlock this dream. How you get to Africa is a challenge, which, in my opinion, builds the experience of the app. Hope this helps.

  • Bob

    I have it unlocked and it’s pretty cool. Kind of dark and tense. No, I did not travel to Afrika, there are simpler ways :)

  • Ardasfukiam

    Great that’s fantastic, thankyou very much, what’s your address?

  • Diverwil

    Now this really blows !?!? Now, I’m sure that everyone that has this app can just simply pack their luggage and head off to Africa. Are you guys going to fix it to where there is alternate locations based upon users locale? Just a thought. Don’t get me wrong… I love the app, in fact… I am listening to it as I am writing this. Very soothing sounds. =•)

  • Diverwil

    If you don’t mind me asking… How were you able to unlock it? Do you reside in Africa? Ha ha ha

  • Code_merk

    The song Africa unlocks is called “Mombasa” and if you really want to hear it just go to iTunes and buy it for $0.99. it’s a very fast beat. I tried to play that song while in the game to see if anything would happen but nothing did… Lol, I’m in Hawaii, a plain ticket to the closest part to Africa would cost me an arm and a leg… I’m sure their are locations in America that resimble something of Africa that they could use instead of flying across the world. Like restrants, museums, ect.

  • Code_merk

    Wrong song name… Opps….

  • GeneticMew416

    Africa is out of world… Better paris or new York.

  • TheIronGiant

    I have a jailbroken iPhone and I’m not going to arbitrarily unlock the Africa dream.  As it turns out, I will be going to Africa next month on a trip that I had planned prior to discovering the Inception app.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that as one of the unlockable dreams!

  • Big Mac

    … And don’t let the Juarez, Mexico address fool you…

  • lalala

    Uhh, I’m not going to Africa to unlock a dream on an app thanks….

  • Uninterested. -_-

    Not interested in visiting Africa. Ever. -_-

  • Frost

    Um you realize that Africa has built up cities right…

  • Zig

    Surely can’t you turn off location and proxy your home router to Africa

  • Guesti

    So now I am in Africa and how tw can I get it now, srlsy?

  • John555

    i went on youtube and listened to the song. its ok not worth the flight.

  • Artisan1

    How about if I’m in an African, will that work?

  • dude

    I unlock this dream today in… Europe. You need jailbreak and app “FakeLocation” from Cydia.

  • Maame

    I went to Ghana to visit family. When I realized that I could now unlock the Africa dream on my phone, it was a bonus. Made my day and worked out quite well.

  • Switters

     @Bob – You, sir, are both a liar and a douche

  • African

    you can jailbreak your iphone and trick the gps into thinking you’re in africa

  • Nvrsleep

    I swear idk what happen but when I unlocked full moon I unlocked africa w o being there ! It’s I can send you a video of the dream . It has a lot of chimes in it . 

  • Nvrsleep

    Scratch “it’s” l0l . 

  • Foxoxfxpffpx

    I don’t think u need to go to Africa, cause I unlocked it just by going out of my state. I think u open the app in the first place u r, go at least our of that state. That’s how I got it. I live in PA, went to VA and got it

  • Sky

    So I’m not sure what happened but I unlocked the Africa dream.

    I have never been to Africa; rather I was standing in my garage in Canton, Mi and I induced a dream.  It just induced the Africa dream, but the weird part is that the dream says it was unlocked in Canton, Mi, so I’m not sure how it thought I was in Africa since it knew I was in Canton.  But yea you should be jealous because the track is pretty decent. :P

  • guest

    Hello all. I downloaded the free app made by RjDj called Dimensions and then the Africa dream was able to be unlocked. I was confused at first, but then it actually popped up and said “You have unlocked Africa by buying the Dimensions app”!
    ;) Hope this helps.

  • Vince

    Ok it has been two years since its release and after having the nostalgia to watch inception again to get a better understanding of the story, i remember the inception app i used to share with my friends. Downloaded it on my mom’s iphone 4S and man it was great like i remembered it, but by shear luck, the rarest dream I thought never possible was finally real.

  • Vince

    It was July 28th, 2013, around 11 o clock, my family and I were on our way to Church. Just sitting at the intersection, I remember that mom has her phone and in it is the Inception app. I didn’t unlock the travelling dream so I reluctantly asked for her phone and opened the app. I didn’t had any headphones so I pressed the enduce button and awaited the traveling dream, but I didn’t unlock it. Instead, it was the dream everyone wanted, even thought it was possible to cheat your way way through jailbreaks like cydia. (Clarification: my mom has a warranty so I didn’t want to mess with it also it was at its latest version).

  • Vince

    The dream everyone wanted so badly that people the thought wasn’t possible. (Except that they released another app like Inception that if you download it, you get the rare dream Africa Dream, which is impossible since it’s over). Any who by accident, I somehow unlocked the African dream. Completely blown away and in disbelief, I never thought to ever access this ever. But by sheer luck or by some weird glitch, I manage to grab the The ultimate rare dream. After church i immediately grabbed my headphones and finally enduced myself into the african dream. In my experience, it was amazing.

  • Vince

    BTW I did not buy a ticket to Africa just to get it, mom phone is not jailbreaked and no hacks was used in order to gain access to the dream. Unless you can count the fact that it maybe a glitch.

  • Anonomous55

    Truly there must be another way to unlock the Africa dream without goin to Africa. I live in the united States and it’s not’s so easy just to hop on a plane and go there. “It just really frustrates me!!!! It’s the last one i have to get in this damned app”

  • Pico man

    Just change the timezone to kenya.

  • TabbyKatze

    Learn to dream, read/listen to Abraham Hicks and learn that dreams DO become reality! You talk as if you’d forgotten. Silly!

  • Joosh

    would you like my credit card number as well?

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