Full Moon Dream

Induce your dreamworld during a Full Moon night, after sunset and before sunrise to unlock this dream. The Full Moon Dream is included in Update 1 of Inception the App. Your first chance to unlock the Full Moon Dream is the night of 21st of December 2010. You will then only be able to unlock the dream during full moon nights following that. It is a shimmering mysterious dream full of wonder and suspense. It features an exclusive previously unreleased mix of the Mal theme from the Inception score.

During the movie Inception, significant events in Cobb’s life play over and over. He re-lives memories from his life in his personal dream worlds, trapped in an endless cycle of his own past.

We also experience many cycles of events in our lives, some of which have become shrouded in folklore and mystery. One of these events is the Full Moon.

The Full Moon Dream captures this sense of familiarity and repetition, combined with the mystery of a full moon night and creates a shimmering acoustic sensation from it. It features an exclusive previously unreleased mix of the Mal theme from the Inception score, a dark and brooding yet delicate composition, and interlaces the glass like textures of the synths in this piece with a shimmering reflection from your own surroundings. Later, deep within the dream space, there is a sinister surprise waiting for you.

  • Fuzz

    It’s the night of 21 December here in Australia and I’m still waiting for the Full Moon Dream to kick in! I don’t feel like waiting for another month. :)

    It’s still not activated though — is the logic tied to the night time in the US? Or maybe I’m just very impatient … hahaha.

    Well done on a very addictive but entertaining application!

  • Joe

    Hi Fuzz,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    To unlock the dream make sure you have an internet connection. It requires GPS data to work out when it is night in your location and what date the full moon is on. It’s not related to US time.

    Hope that helps,

  • Fuzz

    Joe, thank you very much for the response!

    I definitely have an internet connection to my phone but in case it doesn’t activate the 3G data connection, I have enabled the WiFi as well so it can grab the data off my wireless network. I’m typing this with my earphone plugged in (and the sound of my fingers on the keyboard providing my own soundtrack) :)

    At the moment it’s alternating between Quiet Dream and Still Dream, depending how loud my typing is, but still no Full Moon Dream. It’s definitely night time here, 10.20pm – I even went out in the dark, in case it would unlock the dream! The things that we do for an app! Hahaha.


  • Joe

    Have you tried this site to see whether it is fullmoon – isitfullmoon.com – also which timezone are you in?

  • Fuzz

    Yes, it is Full Moon. :) I checked the website earlier.

    I’m in GMT+10.5 (Adelaide, Australia – Australian Central Standard Time [Daylight Saving])

  • Joe

    I though you might of already checked it. Can you try restarting the app as this will reset the detection settings.

    Make sure you remove it from the taskbar by double-clicking the home button and removing the app from there.

  • Fuzz

    Full Moon Dream unlocked!!! Woohoo! Perhaps this can be used as a guide to folks who are having a similar problem. Great music and effect. Sweeeet.

    Thank you so much for such a fantastic support, Joe! I have already promoting the app in my blog as well. A great compantion to a fantastic movie.

  • Joe

    Awesome! Glad it worked.

    Be sure to send a link to your blog over to @inceptiontheapp


  • Joe

    Also I’d just like to add that the app re-checks itself every 15 mins anyway. You might of just been meeting the criteria within this cycle :)

  • Volker

    Hi Joe,

    can’t unlock the full moon dream here in germany. Tried it yesterday first at about 9pm und today (21th) since one hour. It is definitly dark outside, its nearly 7pm and it’s full moon. Also restarting the app like explained before doesn’t help :-(

    Do you have any idea?
    Volker from germany

  • Se

    Switch your iphone off and turn it back on, then open the app!!

  • http://twitter.com/Macfack Kelly Forbes

    I haven’t been able to unlock this dream. I’ve tried all the suggestions below and still nothing. I haven’t successfully managed to unlock the sleeping dream either, is daylight savings affecting the app?

    Connected to WI-FI and 3G btw.

  • Mathieu

    Same, can’t unlock it, both in 3G or WiFi.

  • Hal

    I can’t unlock the full moon dream either. I’m also in Germany….when I tap the induce button I automatically enter the sleep dream (is this always the case or are there no preset dreams that you enter when inducing the dreamworld??).
    I already tried restarting the app (with closing it completely) and also restarting my iPhone….didn’t work. Do I need to be outside to induce the full moon dream? I just checked outside and there definitely is a full moon!

  • gazmos

    Yes, same problem with not unlocking. Tried all the suggested fixes.

  • Plinxie

    http://isitfullmoon.com/ OK
    Italy, GMT+1
    Wi-Fi, 3G on
    Quit App and restart = nothing new
    Switch off phone and restart = nothing new.
    Switch off the light = nothing new :P
    Almost every other dream unlocked

  • Punkypj

    Yep doesn’t work inthe UK either. Brilliant. It’s a full moon and it won’t activate.

  • Plinxie

    Ok now the website says NO so maybe I just missed it

  • Gsleeroy

    Same here mate, can’t get it to work at all and have tried the quit app/restart options :-(

  • Dmatt

    Yes dosen’t work in Switzerland either…..

  • merve

    says no.
    says yes.
    i’m confused and cannot unlock dream :/

  • Jul

    Doesn’t work in Poland, too – despite the fact I’ve tried everything, and it really is a full moon. Now I have to wait a month to unlock the wish. Crap!

  • CherokeeWahine

    Tried all the suggestions, Full moon dream will not open. I’m outside looking at a full moon and all I get is Still dream or Quiet dream. I’m in GMT -8 time zone.

  • Athar

    Same here in Toronto, can’t seem to open the Full moon dream

  • Ryu136hayabusa

    Same thing un Mexico City. Been dreaming awake for hours and still no Full Moon Dream. Though, I managed to unlock Limbo. Yeeaaaayyyy!!!

  • Lucky

    I’m in the US, it’s 11:30PM, been using the app since about 9/10PM and there is definitely a full moon, but won’t unlock Full Moon Dream. Also, I deleted app and data to fix GameCentre update, but Reverie Dream won’t unlock on GameCentre (even though it unlocks in the app as soon as you run it first time).

    One more thing, ran a location spoofer app to unlock the Africa Dream, but Africa Dream doesn’t unlock even though the phone believes it’s in Africa.

    Just to avoid any confusion, did not have the phone set to Africa when trying to get Full Moon Dream (have it set locally where it -IS- a full moon). So, that’s not why.

    I’ve tried rebooting, deleting and reinstalling, and everything else mentioned/that I could think of and still keep having these issues.

  • Subconsciouslyinsane

    try this one http://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.php for me it says 99%full so i think i will be full at midnight :)

  • Caty

    Wow, seems like the problem is world wide. I can see this app becoming a 1.5 star rating rapidly. One thing an app should not be is frustrating. Sure its free but, but I’d rather pay to be not frustrated.

  • @rhobsonv

    Nice update, with GameCenter achievements, BUT…
    The dreams that I’ve unlocked doesn’t shows up on GameCenter!
    Also, I’ve unlocked action, still and sunshine, but there’s no way to unlock quiet and/or full moon!

    I left the app running half the night, plugged in on the pc, with 3G connection…

  • Punkypj

    So I left it on all night in the UK, woke up to check this morning, and surprise surprise, it still hasn’t worked.

    Did the devs of this app even check that it worked?

  • merve

    Try running tutorial again, I can’t re-unlock dreams with GameCenter too but running tutorial worked unlocking Reverie there.

  • Child_of_grace

    Mr. Developer:
    The Full Moon dream would not unlock. Also I’ve been trying for days to get Traveling and Sunshine but no success.Why don’t you just forget the nonsense with “unlocking” these tracks and just make them functional so people can have fun with them? Right now it is just a pain in the butt.

  • Caty

    I second that! This unlocking business is quite frustrating when this app should be peaceful. Just UNLOCK them at the updates. And also, GameCenter??? How is this even remotely a game?

  • Volker

    The problem was that the GPS Location Service wasn’t switched on for the inception app. After I switched it on, the full moon dream could be unlocked.

    Maybe there should be a hint in the app, that the GPS Location Service is needed.

  • MAC

    Does not work…plain and simple

  • Adriano Marson

    I enable the connection with the Facebook app, but the achievements “Facebook Dreamer” was not unlocked at Game Center. Now when I touch the icon of the Facebook app, he has no reaction, just changes color to red.

  • Lucky

    Thanx, that worked for Reverie. Now just have to figure out the other dreams that won’t unlock (Africa and Full Moon). Also, the Facebook Dreamer achievement won’t unlock, either, even though I connected it to Facebook. :-/

  • Kguzman_

    whats the surprise!?

  • Giovannivincenzocurcio

    Montreal, Canada here.
    App seems to ‘skip’ like a scratched cd/record. And sometimes music stops like the app crashed. Always on overture
    No options for other dream. Am I suppose to play it in the dark.

  • Chris

    By the way, you get a full moon EVERYWHERE on Earth on the same day, Lucky. Africa has it the same as everyone else. If you were a werewolf you’d know this.

  • Monika Sharma

    Don’t ya’ve this app for ANDROID?

  • http://twitter.com/Carlos_Neo Carlos Neo

    As i see is a worldwide problem! i’ve been waiting for a month to unlock that dream; finally the day comes, and guess what… it’s still locked

  • http://twitter.com/Carlos_Neo Carlos Neo

    Ok, i regret what i said; i’ve just unlocked the full moon dream; it’s 4:44 a.m. here.

  • Pmrjulio

    Ready to unlock tonight

  • Conor

    Usually the problem is that people might live in a rural city or area, and the weather patterns may be distorted or not even shown. Which is probably why it might not work.

  • Andy

    I cannot unlock the dream… Full Moon and everything! ?? any ideas (England based)

  • Andy

    Ok, turned off the ipod and back on again and it seems to have worked.

  • Hipponax

    if you want this to work you have to go into location settings on your iPhone and turn it on for the inception app
    otherwise it
    can’t tell
    where you are in the world….

  • Ryand92

    Someone said it, you have to go to the general settings and go to location services and turn inception app to on..
    >>by the way, this dream is nowhere near worth the hastle it put me through… it kinda sucks…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SLN26AJC5HICVOQNKEJGVZEAI4 Amanda

    Make sure your clock is set for 24hr not 12hr and do the whole shut down process again. Worked for me!

  • Disheartenme

    I followed some advice from the comments here and after Switching over to military time and restarting mu phone the app was able to unlock the Full Moon dream.

  • dronehymns

    It’s 11:30 and both of my calendars inform me that it’s a full moon tonight. And yet all I get is the still dream. What gives?

  • dronehymns

    I don’t get why it needs to be on the 24hr setting. Even on the 12hr setting my iPod knows whether it’s AM or PM.

  • sats87

    I’m in UK, and so far app works great (on iPhone4)
    Just unlocked full moon dream the previous night (jan 19)
    And all other dreams work.
    But Africa probably gonna stay locked for long time for me :D

  • Patricknielsen

    I cant unlock the full moon dream, one site says it´s dull moon outside and another says it´s not full moon?

  • peter frampton

    WARNING: DO NOT use this app. you will have negative results that will you will encounter in your life. Especially the FULL MOON DREAM. IT is demonically induced through cursing, and withcraft. You may laugh now, but the end results will speak for themselves.

  • chase

    i too have this problem. Connected with facebook and twitter, yet gamecenter achievement remains empty.

  • chase

    i too have this problem. Connected with facebook and twitter, yet gamecenter achievement remains empty.

  • swampf0etus

    You have the cut-down 3G version, which only has the overture dream.

  • swampf0etus

    This happened to my, but it gave me the achievement the next time I unlocked a dream. Have you tried posting something on your wall via the app, that may do it.

  • Shifty02

    I’m not sure where I saw the info, but if the dream isn’t unlocking during a full moon, try switching the clock to the 24hr clock. Once I did that, the dream unlocked right away.

  • from Germany

    Was trying to unlock for the last two full moon nights. this night it worked. Forgot to switch on gps for this app. And i wondered why travelling dream didn’t work either …

    signed: an idiot from germany

  • rufus

    it’s a tragedy, i’m trying to unlock the dream now but it won’t let me.
    tried quitting the app and restarting my iphone.

    im in Ireland, if that helps

  • C6P

    I had no problem, mine unlocked on, 2/17/ 2011. But didn’t get the Sleep Dream to work. Got to say I love Still Dream the most…

  • C6P

    Full Moon dates 2011, in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

    Month Day—Time Day of Week
    Jan 19—21:21 Wed
    Feb 18—08:36 Fri
    Mar 19—18:10 Sat
    Apr 18—02:44 Mon
    May 17—11:09 Tue
    Jun 15—20:14 Wed
    Jul 15—06:40 Fri
    Aug 13—18:57 Sat
    Sep 12—09:27 Mon
    Oct 12—02:06 Wed
    Nov 10—20:16 Thu
    Dec 10—14:36 Sat

    I live in NW US and got mine last night???

  • JT

    Lucky you. I’m in NY and the full moon dream won’t unlock. I’ve waited over a month for this :/
    I am running 4.2.1, my location services are on, I have restarted the app AND restarted my phone. Nothing works.

  • C6P

    Full Moon dates 2011, in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

    Month Day—Time Day of Week
    Jan 19—21:21 Wed
    Feb 18—08:36 Fri
    Mar 19—18:10 Sat
    Apr 18—02:44 Mon
    May 17—11:09 Tue
    Jun 15—20:14 Wed
    Jul 15—06:40 Fri
    Aug 13—18:57 Sat
    Sep 12—09:27 Mon
    Oct 12—02:06 Wed
    Nov 10—20:16 Thu
    Dec 10—14:36 Sat

    I live in NW US and got mine last night???

  • JT

    Yeah, it’s Feb 18th, and it isn’t unlocking… I think the dev’s calendar is off by one day (a day early perhaps)… So I guess I will try the day BEFORE the next full moon (March 18th). Quite frustrating.

  • C6P

    I got real lucky! Unlocked 7 already.

  • http://twitter.com/laurentmahe Laurent MAHE

    Hi. Been trying to unlock the full moon dream for hours now. closed the app, rebooted phone, tried while connected via wifi or 3G, no luck.
    From your tweet yesterday and a few websites, it’s supposed to be full moon today. Any tip?

  • Bakerben80


  • Ace_of_clubs42

    would not unlock during Feb. full moon, did all recommended tips and steps..nothing, i previously unlocked this dream in Jan. but all dreams were deleted when i had to re-install it.

  • Martin

    I’m in Zurich, Switzerland and it’s full moon! It’s the third full moon since I try to unlock this dream. All the others beside the African dream worked like a charm.

  • LydiaTankian

    Lol. Oh dear.

  • Dragshin

    its 21 o’clock in germany and still no full moon dream, but it is, and very bright aswell, they should have a clear list at inceptiontheapp.com to see when to dream to unluck the fullmoon dream

  • Jetski

    this dream doesn’t work. the clock is set on 24H, location service is on, i closed the app, shut down my iPod, and still no full moon dream. what do i wrong?
    i also have been trying to get sunshine dream It’s been sunny for three days already and still no sunshine dream.
    and how do you ever get travelling dream with an ipod touch?

  • http://wiccaesar.tumblr.com Caesar Augustus Ashbar

    I thought it would be unlocked today, the biggest full moon ever, but it doesn’t realize today is the day. I’ll try again tomorrow. :-S

  • macomeau

    Finally remembered to run the app during a full moon. Something about the vibrating effect actually stresses me out when listening to this dream. Weird.

  • Doctor Panesar

    Tap the spot on the map where the full moon dream is supposed to be, even if there’s no picture. I just accidentally tapped it and it said that it was already unlocked, and that it will collapse when the moon is no longer full.

  • http://twitter.com/ajaymison Jamie Woolen

    Third month in a row I’ve tried to unlock the Full Moon Dream… didn’t work! It is becoming very frustrating.

  • Bcjammerx

    it is 10:43 and tonight is a full moon according to lunar calendars, the dream will not unlock.  Please fix this…i also say with the next update just unlock them all…seriously.

  • TashbaN

    I am experiencing a small problem with my unlocked Full Moon Dream. Ever since the latest app update, this dream starts out normally with the vibrating sounds and the music for two cycles. Then it stops the music and only has the vibrating sounds. I really liked the way it used to sound with piano music. Is there a way for me to fix, or re install the app? Will my “achievements” be remembered in the game sharing center?
    Or will I have to wait for the next update and hope it is fixed?

  • Shawn

    This is almost exactly what’s happening to me too! That used to be my favourite dream, but now stops after only the first two notes. I’m hoping they come out with a fix for this soon, because I’m worried if I reinstall it, I’ll lose all of my unlocked dreams. 

  • Dragshin

    In Germany Kassel the full moon will be at ca. 15:36 on the 10.12.2011 (however its going to be a lunar eclipse) can someone answer me please, when (please the full time window) , where, under what conditions ( internet connection and GPS-activation, anything else ? like silence or something)please, i tried it 5times allrdy and want this dream :)

  • Tanvirivnat11

    This is ridiculous, tonight 1/9/12 is a full moon however the isitfullmoon.com site portrays the contrary…in addition I’ve tried all of the tips to unlocking the dream such as resetting device, and closing app in task bar before doing so..changing time to 24hrs and etc…help please!

  • DLo

    Just unlocked the full moon dream last night… the most amazing music and my favorite dream in the app!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1606581841 Taylor Hall

    For anyone who is confused… you must have GPS (Location Services) turned on for the Inception App… It wasn’t working just before, but once that was one, it unlocked immediately! Thanks to the guy from Germany!

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