Reverie Dream

The Reverie Dream is the first experience you will encounter upon entering your dreamworld. It acts as a guide to propel you into the world of augmented audio by twisting and mangling sounds from your environment as music from the Inception soundtrack slowly creeps in. Start to perceive the world around you in a completely different way - Our dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realise something was actually strange.

Remember in the first few scenes of the film where we find Cobb washed up on the beach. The film focuses on the slow yet relentless sea before Cobb ‘wakes up’. As you begin the Reverie Dream you’ll be showered with the sound of waves that crash around your ears, they are a constant theme that crop up many times. The underlying music of the dream is formed from a previously unreleased string cue playing a melancholic melody while accompanied by disconcerting undertones. It alludes to the feeling that things are not what they first seem. Was that sound you just heard from a passing car or was it just part of the music?

Once induced into the Reverie Dream noises in your environment will be merged into a disturbing soundscape. This is mainly created by a glitcher effect that catches the sounds and randomly pitches and repeats them to make it feel like parts of your surroundings are spinning off into infinity. Because of the randomness in the glitcher any audio processed through it could end up sounding like a drill or some jungle animal for example.

  • Nxbusby

    I think I need help. So I got past the constructing sequence fine, but now when I try and use it, it says Inducing Reverie Dream, and then shifts to Inducing Quiet Dream and absolutely no sound comes whatsoever. Am I supposed to keep it running for a while before sound kicks in? Thanks.

  • Michael

    Hi. Did you plug in the headset? And what device are you on?

  • Nxbusby

    Yes I did. I have the 3rd generation ipod touch with software 4.1. I’ve tried it with 2 types of headphones. Skull candy and the original ipod headphones. Thanks.

  • Johannes Steinholt

    I cant get passed the constructing of the reverie dream. It just keeps on constructing, and if people are talking while it is on, the iPhone tries to studder it back to me through the earphones.. Help? :)

  • Joe

    Can you try deleting and re-installing the app to see if the problem stills persists? Also make sure there is at least 300Mb free space when installing.

  • Reality Jockey Ltd.

    hey johannes,
    which device to you have and how long did you wait for the iphone to construct the dreams?
    there are 2 things that could cause the problem…
    either you don’t have enough free space (min 300mb) on your device, or you are on an older device. on a 3gs or ipod touch 3rd generation the installation process can take up to a few minutes. with newer devices it should be pretty fast.

  • Joe

    Hi Johannes,

    What device and OS version do you have? Currently iPhone 3G and iPod Touch (Gen 2) are not supported.

  • Nxbusby

    Well I went back and reinstalled the app because I know I didnt have 300 MB of space the first time. I deleted a bunch of stuff, and reinstalled. Unfortunatly, it still seems to be stuck on the “Inducing Quiet Dream” screen, but there is no sound whatsoever. Not even the static some other users are talking about. Completly silent. :(

  • Aojonesy

    Meant to work with Ipod, but does not?

  • Joe

    Hi Aojonesy,

    What device and OS are you using, could you describe where it is not working thanks.

  • berty

    I have a 4th gen iPod touch. Can get Reverie, Still and Action, but it never goes into Quiet no matter how silent things are. Sleep eludes me for the same reason, which makes Limbo impossible… Any suggestions?


  • Joe

    Hi Berty,

    Are you using a microphone on a headset or the in-built mic? Some devices have different sensitivity, it has to be absolutely quiet to get into the dream.

  • berty

    The built in mic. Have tried various headphones (with and without microphones), stuck in a dead jack (so it can’t pick up the headphone sound) and placed it totally soundless environment, all with no luck. It’s become something of an obsession now, but have run out of ideas to try.

  • Joe

    That’s dedication :)

    We’ll do some testing here to see if we can recreate the problem, can you provide the exact steps you take to get the issue please.


  • berty

    When I induce dreamworld it loads the Still dream. If I shake the device it switches to Action. When I stop shaking it, it goes back to Still and stays there. I thought I might be able to get Limbo by starting with Reverie then switching to Action, then Still (or Still then Action), but that doesn’t work.

  • Parnerkar_khush

    but how to download that music?

  • Jakob2

    My ipod touch goes to reverie and then sunshine and stops on the inducing sunshine dream with no noise at all

  • Jakob2

    Even if I am in a dark room it goes to sunshine.

  • Joe

    Hi Jacob,

    Sunshine detection is based on what the weather is where you are, hope that helps.

  • Jakob2

    thanks but my screen still stays on inducing sunshine dream and with no noise

  • Jakob2

    I meant to put that reply here it still stays on the screen with no noise and there is noise around me going on

  • danny

    I have an Iphone 3G and the app stucks on Reverie Dream
    Why doesn’t it work ?

  • jeffreyd

    I have the same problem.. 16gb 3g os.. atleast 9gb of space left.. reinstalled the app… goes from “Reverie Dream” to “Inducing Quiet Dream” the bar fully loads.. then no sound comes out..

  • jeffreyd

    16gb 3g os.. atleast 9gb of space left.. reinstalled the app… goes from “Reverie Dream” to “Inducing Quiet Dream” the bar fully loads.. then no sound comes out..

  • jeffreyd

    nvm fixed it.. realized the headphones i used didn’t have a microphone..

  • mia_dicaprio

    when i get up to the reverie dream and finish with the text thing, it says ‘constructing your dream’ and it’s loading but it won’t load :( how do you fix that?

  • mia_dicaprio

    i have the exact same problem but mine is and i-pod touch 3g
    it gets stuck on reverie dream right?

  • Carlos Norgaard

    i have an iPhone 3g and the app stays on constructing dreams, is it because i need the headset? or is it because of my iphone? i want to use this app badly

  • Caustinray

    Works beautifully on a iPhone4 with Apple’s in-ear earbuds. Sealing off sounds that creep in with the earbuds supplied is what makes this app shine. Seriously though, I have to be in Africa to unlock that dream?

  • danny

    Yes and it says ‘constructing your dreams’

  • Connor

    I thought the app description said that the iPod Touch 2nd Generation was supported. I have that one and its stuck on reverie dream constructing your dreams…

  • Starpaxton

    ipod touch 2nd gen, I’ve downloaded this twice, I have 1.5 gb in memory space, but I still can’t get past the very first part of the reverie dream. it saids “constructing dream” and just stays stuck on that. the sound is all choppy too, what am I supposed to do?

  • milomord

    It doesn’t run on a 1G ipod because it requires firmware 3.2 :(

  • Jackoblock

    Aw what, I need a mic? That sucks. No wonder it would work. That’s me screwed.

  • Jandoubleh

    I would love to use this app, but I can’t get any sound coming from it. How do you use this app? Do you have to have a mic plugged into the device? I have a 3rd Gen iPod Touch, updated etc, lots of space, so….how do I get the app to work like the designers say? Please help. email me if you know how to get this app working at

  • Jack

    I have the exact same problem that Berty mentioned. I am also using the 4th gen ipod touch and no mater how quiet it is i cannot enter a quiet dream, it seems to stick to “still dream” the majority of the time.

    Also, i can’t seem to activate the sunshine dream, which is odd as I live in Singapore so it is sunny the majority of the time. And is there any way to activate the travelling dream on the ipod? because without 3G I lose internet connection when i go in the car (I’m assuming that it uses internet to track your location)

  • Berty

    I managed to finally get the Quiet dream by plugging in a different set of headphones (with a mic). It only worked the once and I haven’t been able to repeat it since, but it was enough to unlock that dream, and subsequent others. Just Sunshine, Travelling and Africa to go…

  • Jack

    thanks man, that seemed to work. I also tried re-installing the app, and though that didn’t fix the problem, I now also don’t get like the lit up section when i’ve achieve a type of dream, all the sections are still black, even though i can activate them, have you experiecnced this?

  • Berty

    Yup, had the exact same thing. Eventually one lit up (I did nothing) and the rest followed.

  • Phillyfan121

    I have a fourth gen Ipod touch, and it won’t induce or create any music no matter what, and I do not have a mic on my headphones either though…

  • Nat

    Make sure u tell people that it doesn’t work on anything without a microphone

  • Nat

    My headphones have a microphone but it still doesn’t work

  • Jon is confused :/

    What’s up with the extreme static? It jumps from brief moments of noise then none at all… I try speaking into a mic on my Beats headphones and. The static ions it all

  • Tin

    Constructing dreams, why is that? App developer do not want to solve this issue?

  • RjDj

    News for everyone using Inception The App on iPhone3G or iPod Touch 2G:
    Inception the app iPhone3g Edition coming soon.
    For more information check out:

  • Joe

    Hi Berty,

    there will be fix for coming in one of the next updates – check here for more info:

  • Berty

    Great news. Thanks Joe.

  • MWills92

    Basically, it gets to “constructing your dream” loading page, and then the sound is all laggy and nothing else happens. Is that normal?

  • Anonymous

    Yeh, great app. Could’ve said that you need microphone instead of expecting us to telepathically guess this. Also, will there be an android version, seen as it is growing faster than ios?

  • nowthengoodbad

    I experienced a similar phenomenon as many of you. I found that the microphone on the headphones was broken and so I plugged in a pair with a working microphone and it works great! This is the ipod 3 gen 64gig.

    Note: If the screen lock has a short timer the application will be interrupted and you will have to restart it. So move your finger around on the screen a little while it loads different parts. (This happens especially when it is plugged in to charge, I had to restart it multiple times until I figured out how to get it to keep going.)

    Once you get into the dream part (ex. Still Dream, action dream etc) you can leave it to charge and it won’t close the app.

  • Mo Letalis

    I don’t get a shit of this app. I unlocked the Reverie dream, the Still dream, the standard Sleep dream and the Action dream, but my Game Centre keeps telling I didn’t unlock it.
    But how do you unlock the Sunshine dream? Sun shines like hell where I am right now, but it still says I’m in a still environment.
    And what’s with the Limbo? How can you enter 3/4 dreams at once with this app?

  • Groovydoo

    Damn you, I am buying an iPod Touch just for this app.

  • Kuba

    the app is awesome. just one thought…………………. PLEASE create it for android ;)

  • Joe

    Hi Mo,

    There was a bug with game center achievements that has now been fixed and included in the next update.


  • Blackhole

    Don’t work with ipod 4th generation… you just can unlock active and still dreams…

  • Blackhole

    Don’t work with ipod 4th generation… you just can unlock active and still dreams…

  • Emaaaz

    Inception is the name for the things which are more than extra-ordinary cause of the movies. And the app is the really the Inception of all apps in the store.

  • Tllgrrl

    When I got my iPhone 4, one of the first Apps I got was the Inception App. It loaded quickly and has worked beautifully.
    Since the Mic is Standard on the Earbud for–how long now?–I had no problems.
    People bitching about the App not working on the previous model phone: Really? Are you also crying because you can’t play Blu-Ray discs on your DVD player?

  • Vivi Gomez

    i’ve had this this app for three weeks now, but for reasons unknown it now doesn’t play any sound, i get no sound on the dream map or on the dreams themselves… i deleted the app and downloaded again, but still I get no sound.
    My iPod works normally with everything else; music, alarms, games, music apps. Both my headphones and the iPod speakers work. Help me please, what can I do to fix this?

  • Joe

    Hi Vivi,

    What iPod device are you using? How much free space you have? The app requires ~300Mb.


  • Vivi Gomez

    i have an iPod Touch 3rd generation, space is not a problem, i have about 50GB empty… the app was working great, i had already like 6 dreams unlocked, but last Friday (3.25.11) I opened the app and I got no audio from it. Yesterday I deleted the app, and downloaded again, but still, nothing, not sound

  • Dannymazz

    I dont understand this app, does it induce a lucid dream with visuals? Or is it just music?

  • Marysol_m_l

    Am I supposed to fall assleep? I just can’t see any dream! Am I not uding it right or I just have a lack of imagination?

  • Asdfadsx

    how did you expect that the sounds would be processed if you dont have a microphone? duhhh

  • Scowy69

    I suppose the other guy in that video only talks in his dreams… isn’t he?

  • Hughhuggins

    Works great and is crazy awesome. Truly amazing!

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