The meteoric rise up the app store rankings.

Inception The App hits the top 10 free apps charts on its second day in the store.

Inception The App was released in the App Store on December 8, 2010. Since its launch it has seen a meteoric rise up the App Store charts. On day one the app became the number one free music game. On day two the app entered the top ten free apps charts.
We are extremely proud and simply blown away by the great feedback we are getting. Today we submitted an update to the app store featuring a new dream, game center integration, better graphics, improved battery life, background audio and other improvements. We hope this version will be live soon. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the app so far!

  • Carlos Norgaard

    my iPhone 3g stays on the constructing dreams area, i don’t know what i’m doing wrong

  • generi

    Please release a Android Version!

  • Euan_ccm

    Your wonderful app doesn’t work, read the reviews and you might find out sooner.

  • Yemo Loof

    The app works great on my iphone 4. I hope we can unlock the african dream another way otherwise thats à bummer…

  • Jeddy69

    Is this app not for the 3G? I read all the great reviews but unable to join in with them as it just clearly doesn’t work on any 3G owners phone I’ve come across so far. Please update it. I’m not prepared to wait for my phone contract to end just to get a 4G to enjoy this app.

  • Aviddaydreamer

    Works great!!

  • Joe

    Hi Carlos,

    We tried hard to support iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G, but it isn’t possible due because of the lack of hardware acceleration in those devices. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  • Carlos Norgaard

    to bad, thanks for the reply anyways

  • Padmagiri 17

    This app is not working in my iPod touch,
    I read the reviews, but I wonder what’s is going wrong.

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